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Listen Radio Megamind 99.8 FM News Station with Live Online Stream from Khartoum city frequency Sudan. Radio Megamind additionally gives a stage to the audience members with distinctive exchanges and syndicated programs. Radio Megamind FM situated in Sudan. It shows the happenings and current occasions by broadcasting nearby, and also world news. It likewise gives its audience members amusement shows, sports news, business overhauls, music, and keep the general population redesigned on the forthcoming occasions. Radio Megamind FM Intention: The radio station has a rationale that is, to move individuals and draw in the audience members to their enlightening and enthralling shows.

Contact Details

Genres Economics , Arabic Talk
Phone +966504463628
Website Official Web
Face Book FaceBook
twitter Twitter

Radio Megamind Presenters

Listen to Live Streaming of Radio Megamind 99.8 Online from Sudan

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