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Listen Ouvir Radio Luanda Antena Comercial 95.5FM Live Online Em Directo, L.A.C FM (Radio Luanda Antena Comercial) is the real entertainment and the infotainment channel in Angola and additionally the English talking and urban residents of Angola. FM L.A.C is a media outlet, we convey diverse shows and highlight programs that are elite to the group touching upon issues and themes, for example, Business and Investment, ICT, Health issues, Travel and Tourism, Lifestyle Matters, among others that engage an assortment of financial gatherings and age aggregates alike. Every one of our projects are useful and bring issues to light.

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Phone +213 34 49 55 66
Website http://www.lacluanda.co.ao/
Address Luanda Antena Comercial Praceta Luther King, Nº5 Luanda – Angola
Face Book facebook.com/luanda.antena.comercial/
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