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DETAILS OF COURSES BA / B.Sc Geography (Elective) Syllabus Sargodha University


DETAILS OF COURSES BA / B.Sc Geography (Elective) Syllabus Sargodha University

Note:- There will be two parts in paper B, the student will be required to attend at least two questions from each Part. Each question will carry equal marks

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PART-I: Human Geography

Man environment Interaction.

Themes of Environmental Determinism, Possiblism and Perception.


Growth and composition (age and sex structure), population change, natural increase and migration and distribution.


Rural and urban location form and function of settlements, Central place Theory.Economics Activity.

Location Characteristics of primary, secondary , tertiary, quarternary and quinary activities.

Environmental Problems.

Ecosystem and environmental degradation.


Study of South Asia with special emphisis on Pakistan under the heading recourse base (physical human and economics) Transport, trade and international relation.

Recommended Books:-

Goudie, A. (1994) The human impact on the Natural Environment oxford; Blacksell.

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Study of Maps:

  1. Types of maps.
  2. Scales- plain, diagonal, comparative and their uses.

Methods of representation of relief. Exercises and drawing of composite contour maps with the help of given data and information.

Interpretation of

  1. Topographical maps.
  2. Aerial Photographs and introduction to Remote Sensing.
  3. Weather maps of Pakistan

Map projection: General principles, classification, choice of projection, merits and demerits, construction of practical and simple graphic methods of the following projections.

  1. Cylindrical Simple and Equal Area and Merator’s (with table).
  2. Zenithal: Gnomonic, Stereographic and Orthographic (polar cases).
  3. Conical case and two standard parallel.

Simple quantitative techniques and their use in geography: methods of data collection, study of frequency distribution, averages (mean, median and mode), mean Deviation, and Standard Deviation.

Preparation of distributional maps with the help of symbols, line, bars, shade, dots, circles.

instrumental surveying: making of plans with the help of chain, plane table and prismatic compass.

Field report based on the study of geographical aspects of a selected area / activity.

Recommended Books:-

Dent,B.D. (1993) Cartography Thematic Maps Design oxford, WCB.

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